Structural wood is intended to be used for the assembly of static construction. It is used in the production of foundations, walls, roofs, arbors, and roofs. Available in natural moisture, dried or calibrated wood.

Finishing wood is designed to create cosiness and aesthetics. Products made of coniferous wood: outdoor and indoor panelling, flooring, terraces, lifting and fencing boards.

Products for the comfort and comfort of your home. Warm and compact sauna, exquisite and sturdy outdoor furniture, beautiful and comfortable arbor. The products are made of dried planed wood.

Single-and double-cut wood blanks are available. They are sorted, dried and planed and impregnated by soaking. Free delivery.

Structural wood

Natural moisture

Natural moisture construction wood is the most inexpensive choice. This wood is the recommended choice for outdoor construction when it is possible for it to dry naturally.

It is this kind of wood that provides the widest choice of dimensions: 6, 7 and 8 meter long double-cut conifer wood blanks.

Standard dimensions: thickness and width in mm: 25×50/100/150/200; 50×50/100/150/200/250; 100×100/150; 150×150

Wood of other dimensions according to individual requirements is also available.

We do not recommend using this type of wood indoors as it can lead to mold.

Dried wood

Dried wood is more expensive and there is a narrower choice of dimensions available.

Wood moisture for construction products – up to 18 – 20%. Dried wood has low thermal conductivity, good sound insulation, and low volume mass. Spruce wood is resistant to tearing and crushing, holds high loads and is durable.

You can safely use this wood indoors. Available dimensions in thickness and width in mm: 25×100/150; 50×50/100/150/200/250

Calibrated wood

Only dried wood can be calibrated and is recommended for quality, static accuracy, and durability. Working with calibrated wood is accurate and fast and is recommended for use where it is going to be visible.

During calibration, the dimension of the dried wood is reduced by about 5 mm, so the standard thickness and width of the calibrated wood in mm are: 45×45/95/145/195

Impregnated wood

Using appropriate chemical agents, wood can be protected from pests, molds, and wood-destroying fungi. The wood is impregnated by soaking techniques, which means that the absorption is higher than applying or spraying antiseptic products.

The wood preservative  Gerlit-1 is used; it is flame retardant and corresponds to D-s2, d0 flammability class. A Declaration of Performance is issued with the purchase of this wood.

Finishing wood

Outdoor, interior panelling, floor and terrace boards are made of dried coniferous wood. Available in the following.

Interior panelling, full groove

Dimensions: 18 x 116 x 4000/6000 mm

Fence/lifting diamond shaped panelling.

Dimensions: 18 x 95/145 x 6000 mm

Floor boards with full inlet.

Dimensions: 28 x 116 x 4000/6000 mm

Fence/lifting panelling with rounded and right angles.

Dimensions: 18 x 95/145 x 6000 mm

Terrace boards with smooth and corrugated surfaces, rounded angles.

Dimensions: 28 x 120 x 6000 mm

Outdoor panelling, half-groove, flat or rough surface.

Dimensions: 18 x 90/137 x 6000 mm


  • It is recommended to place wood, interior boards, and floorboards for internal work in the room for about 14 days to adjust the temperature difference and to avoid unwanted gaps between the boards when put in place.

  • It is recommended using only high-quality fasteners for the wood for outdoor work. Do not use poor quality screws due to the unwanted effects of “walking” of the wood, broken screw heads, twisted or boards that completely fall.

  • Finishing wood can be impregnated, painted, varnished, or oiled. It is advisable to oil the terrace boards once every two years. The outdoor boards should be impregnated and painted in your desired color to keep the exterior decoration flawless.


The pellets that are available are made from dried softwood sawdust from a reliable partner from Belarus. The pellets are packed in 15kg plastic bags at 3€ per bag or 195€ per ton. Prices are listed in warehouse at Vyžuonos g.8, Kaunas. Proof of the quality of these pellets is the number of returning customers.
Wood sawdust pellets are made by mechanically squeezing wood sawdust.
Sawdust comes from cutting round and planing dried wood.
Unlike the shavings after planing, wet sawdust travels to a sawdust dryer.
Sawdust at the proper humidity is compressed under the “meat-grinder“ principle to produce fuel pellets.
The diameter of the pellets is controlled; 6 mm pellets are suitable for private home boilers and 8 mm diameter pellets are more often used for industrial boilder.

What affects color?

Production process, wood species, impurities in the wood affect the color of the finished product.

The beads compressed from the cutting after the planing will be light amber in color.
The darker granules will be obtained by compressing the dried sawdust as they darken during the sawdust drying process.

Dark pellets are produced by pressing sawdust that has been mixed with the wood bark.

What affects quality?

Moisture content, calorific value, ash content affect the quality.

Moisture determines the efficiency of the pellet combustion.
Calorific value – the amount of energy produced during combustion.
Ash content is also important to make pellet heating unlike “expensive” firewood.

What affects price?

Seasonality, raw material quality, certification and, of course, demand / supply ratio.
The price of wood sawdust pellets depends on demand and demand depends on the time of year.
The quality of the product is directly dependent on the quality of the raw material, so the price of wood waste has a significant impact on the price of the product.
Certified pellets provide quality assurance. Usually such a product is more expensive.


Heat, cosiness, and comfort – time with family and friends in a warm and compact bath in your yard.

  • Full outdoor and indoor finish.

  • Outdoor terrace.

  • Insulated frame.

  • Ventilation installed.

  • Only high quality materials are used.

  • Solid fuel or electric stove.

  • External dimensions: 3×4 m

  • Steam bath dimensions: 210×170 m


We offer durable and comfortable outdoor furniture: benches, tables, sets according to your needs. Currently available is a bench 50 x 40 x 190 cm. If you have a vision and cannot find something suitable, we will try to construct it for you. Come to us with a drawing and our carpenter will find a solution.




When cutting round coniferous wood, we get single- and double-cut wood products. Single-cutboards 25 mm and 50 mm thick usually travel to the dryer – this wood is used for joinery products. While cutting single-cut boards, longitudinal cutting maintains precision and provides the best yield. We cut oak, birch, lime, and other woods. We have the ability to cut ultra-thin blanks with precision and quality, such as oak lamellas of 90 mm thickness.


We provide planing and calibration services with four-sided planing machines. We calibrate construction wood and plane various wood blanks for panelling, furniture details, baths, and other needs. For more information, please contact us by email or by phone.


Special chemical treatment of wood impregnation protects it against mold, pests, and wood-destroying fungi. The wood is impregnated by soaking techniques, which means that the absorption is higher than that of applying or spraying antiseptic products. We use wood preservative – Gerlit-1, which is flame retardant and corresponds to D-s2, d0 flammability class and provide a Declaration of Performance. We soak up to 4 m3 of wood at the same time, so your wood can be impregnated in one day.


We have a large number of reliable carriers, so we will take complete care of your cargo. We offer transport with or without unloading services according to your needs. We will agree and match the loading/unloading time that is convenient to you.

Why choose us?

  • Strategically convenient location

  • Pleasant service

  • Your needs are our priority

  • Quality standards of our products are maintained.

  • Flexibility in terms of prices and billing terms

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