We make wood paneling from dried high-quality spruce and pine wood. We carefully select the raw material before planing, and we collect the finished panels as our own. We can offer paneling – smooth and planed surface.

Profile Name Dimensions
Vertikali dailylentė 10mm tarpas arba obliuota 20/18×95/120/145 mm
Horizontali dailylentė, šiaušta arba obliuota 20/18×95/120/145 mm
Dailylentė – statūs kampai. Šiaušta arba obliuota 20/18×95/120/145 mm
Dailylentė – apvalinti kampai. Šiaušta arba obliuota 20/18×95/120/145 mm
Dailylentė – rombas. Obliuota 18×95/120/145 mm

! We recommend fixing wood for outdoor work only with high-quality fasteners, in order to avoid undesirable results: broken screw heads, twisted or completely fallen boards.


The purpose of the terrace is to create a cozy space near home. Bring family or friends together for Saturday brunch or fun summer evenings.
Perhaps the most popular option for terraces, which has become a tradition, are wooden terrace boards. It is a great solution for those who associate wooden boards with naturalness, coziness and warmth.

Profile Name Dimensions
Lygios terasinės lentos 28×95/120/145 mm
Rifliuotos terasinės lentos 28×120/145 mm

! Spruce or pine decking boards are one of the cheaper options. It is a light-colored, oil-absorbing wood that is easy to install and work with. In outdoor conditions, it deforms little, does not bristle.

! In order to maintain the service life of the boards as long as possible (about 10 years), it is necessary to take care of additional protection – often, varnish, oil, burning.